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That ancient, noble and historic sport, Croquet has for many years been ever so slightly tedious and slightly boring - but thanks to the Nonsuch Guild, and a meeting held somewhere deep in Surrey, in Great Britain, Mssrs. Conrad Quast and Sir Angus Poisselampe made a pact that Battle Croquet would prove to be the phoenix that rises from the ashes of Association Croquet.


Several years later, the dream was realised when a small, intrepid group of Nonsuch


Guildmembers came together for a meeting on the sixteenth of August, 2015 to scratch their heads and see if they could collectively recall (or possibly completely make up) the rules for this very important fringe sport.


On the 22nd of August, on the lawn of Christchurch in New Malden, the game was played for the first time at The Surrey Steampunk Convivial, to the bewilderment of spectators, passers-by, and several of the actual players themselves.

Latest News

1. Blues vs Reds – Surrey SteampunkConvivial V = BLUES WIN!

2. Blues vs Orange - The Steampunk Zone at The Costume Games, Brighton - BLUES WIN!

3. Blues vs Greens - At The Surrey Steampunk Convivial VI =  Rain stopped play.

4. Blues vs Purples

5. Purples vs Blues

6. Olives vs Reds

7. Blues vs Yellows

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​​Battle Croquet: the key instigators in reviving the sport...

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