1920's Style Gatsby Speakeasy

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Date TBC

The Royal Oak, New Malden

Wrap yourself in your Roaring Twenties finery at our Gatsby style 20's speakeasy!

Hosting the event we have Dan Medusa and Ben Henderson who will lead us through a Café Society soirée packed with theatre, magic, music, and cabaret.

It's a time of decadence and a world of change. Party-going socialites comprise a mix of moustachioed gangsters, dashing entrepreneurs, bow-tied aristocrats, flappers, and molls, all rubbing shoulders in the heady, swing-laden club.

A party swings with live music - expect a mix of ragtime, Dixieland and hot jazz, scintillating chanteussing, and Charleston the night away. Expect a bit of illicit gramophonic horse racing, cocktails aplenty, dancing, magic and a bit of a circus feel. Remember though, that it is a time of prohibition and if The Law find the party - hide your drinks!

Join an elegant crowd in their most spiffing 1920's glad rags, all set to cut loose!

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No party would be complete without a splash of gigglewater! We shall have a selection of 20's inspired cocktails on offer to delight!




Dancing is positively encouraged! Although there will be tables to sit and chat at, we encourage dancing on the polished wooden dancefloor!

Expect lots of live music throughout the event - everything from music hall, to ragtime, Dixieland to hot jazz - and a bit of electroswing thrown in to finish the night!



A few photos of previous events

Photography: Micah Henry Newell



Dan Medusa originally ran a 20's themed night at The Cricketers, Kingston, as part of the LuciD team, and it was a roaring success. With live music, cocktails, circus, theatre and dancing, it hit a chord of retro loveliness.

Ben Henderson has been running events such as The Surrey Steampunk Convivial, as well as various festivals for over a decade, and regularly hosts open mic nights. 

Ben bumped into Dan one St. Patrick's night, well after midnight, and they reminisced about the party - wasn't it fun? The Great Gatsby...prohibition...music...a bit of interactive theatre, some circus acts...cocktails!

And wouldn't it be a fun idea to do something like that again, they asked themselves? And yes, was the answer. 

The Sugarfoot Shindig is the answer!



Sugarfoot Shindig

The Luke Pullen Suite

The Royal Oak,

90 Coombe Road
New Malden,


020 8942 0837

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