"The most bonkers day out with friends that feel like family at a fancy dress party!"

The Station
Function Hall 
The Broadway Stoneleigh,
Epsom, Surrey, KT17 2JA UK  ​

2020 DATES:

Feb 29th/March 1st


July 25th/26th


Oct 10th/11th

You would be most welcome to join us!

Video by the Wonderful Steampunk DJ

 "It really is a romp of amazing madness and hysterical happiness that tugs at your immaculate imagination and stains it with outrageous happenings from which you will never recover but your life will be greatly enriched. In other words - it's a bit good!"

- Janet Dowling

I was initally agog and am now quite simply FLABBERGASTED over The Surrey Steampunk Convivial! Frantically packing to catch the train back to the Midlands but have more pix and vidis... THANK YOU Ben Henderson for letting me join in a MOST magnificent weekend... And THANK YOU Jeanette Macklin for being an equally magnificent "hostess" for the weekend... a resounding HUZZAH to both of you and to everyone else involved in the Convivial... unquestionably a job well done from this newbie's viewpoint!

 - Lord Montague Jacques Fromage

The Longest Running, Biggest and Best Steampunk Event in the whole of Stoneleigh. Which is a small town in Surrey.


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