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W h a t   i s   T h e   G e n i u s   B o o k   o f   S t e a m p u n k   R e c o r d s ?


The Genius Book of Steampunk Records is a collection of records purely created by Steampunks for Steampunks. There are other Books of Records out there, but this is much better than all the others, because it is so EXCLUSIVE, you see.  


To our knowledge, we're the only people who assess, verify and archive solely the steampunks of the world's achievements. We do not take our role as the authority on record-breaking achievement very seriously at all. Because it's all just a bit of fun really.

But, whilst we are terribly EXCLUSIVE, we pride ourselves on also being reasonably INCLUSIVE as well. And that means we want to include YOUR ideas (if you are a Steampunk, of course).
The Genius Book of Steampunk Records does not seek to be competition for less superior Books of Records, it seeks to supplement them. 
But why, though?
Other books of achievement are not geared specifically towards Steampunks. Steampunks have their own way of doing things, so it was decided that a set of records PURELY FOR STEAMPUNKS was desperately needed. Although it is rumoured that there are other record-breaking companies out there, we believe that we have the edge in this niche because we are Steampunks, and we understand how it works SO MUCH BETTER.
So, who verifies the records?

All of our Genius Judges were raised with a silver spoon in their respective mouths, apart from the ones who worked they way up the ladder through hard work and sacrifice, and all were taught to read the entire Encyclopaedia Brittanica and memorise every page, reciting it backwards by the tender age of five. Consequently, they now KNOW ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. 


However, they are keen to keep records of new and incredible feats of Steampunkery, which they keep in a Book. The Book of Records. 


The reason we can trust the absolute accuracy of our records is because we strictly adhere to a set of rules:







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