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"A very sad thing has happened- the wealthy and eccentric Lord Ingitova has passed away (the cause of which we do not discuss).


You have been invited to stay at his former home, Clevedon Hall for a week or so in order that...most is decided who amongst you will get to inherit his vast fortune.

And it appears he has devised some sort of game or contest...a series of audio recordings to be sifted through, fragments of his poetry, and a series of events he has lined up for you all to's all a bit of a mystery.

But expect mayhem, monsters, maps and malice, as the forces of darkness conspire against you."

Ready to play?

You will need:

  • A dice

  • Pencil and paper

  • A copy of "A Chance to Daydream" (Message Ben for a copy)


(optional, but printable):

  • A Player Card

  • A Map of Clevedon

Playing card.jpg
Ready to play?
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