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How to Play

At your service

At your service

Karsten says:
"Lord Ingitova's Will says something about his "Lucky Coin". He carried that coin everywhere with him, but where it is now is a complete mystery.
The person who finds that coin will inherit Lord Ingitova's fortune."

Karsten, faithful aide to the late Lord Ingitova

For the most part, you shall be guided by Lord Ingitova's personal aide and concierge for your stay, Karsten. 


For when Things Go Wrong (as is likely to happen), there are some rules pertaining to that particular part of the game. 

We are using an abridged version of the ruleset here, specifically tailored to the launch of the album A Chance To Daydream.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 20.30.51.png
Your Player Card

Your Player Card


You will need your player card for When Things Go Wrong.

It records four things:

  • Wit

  • Health

  • Charm

  • Strength

(There is also space for your name, photo/self portrait and a place to write down weapons and gadgets should you come across any).

Roll a dice to find out your scores for each (Usually a D10, but for this game which uses abridged rules, use a six sided dice). Write these down with ink on the four corners of your card. These are your defaults, and these are fixed throughout the game. They change temporarily only whilst a confrontation occurs. But you'll soon heal up. Probably.

When a confrontation occurs, it would be a good idea for you to jot down with a pencil any hits that you take (we suggest a sheet of paper, but the back of an envelope, or the sleeve of a shirt would do). 

  • Wit: this is your intelligence when it comes to hiding (which you might someday wish to do). It also determines your ability to operate weapons and gadgets.

  • Health: As long as your have health, you can fight, hide, run or attempt to reason with monsters attacking you.

  • Charm: this is your ability to charm, or reason with a monster attacking you. You might persuade it to stop. 

  • Strength: this is used in a fight, or flight. It is added to your dice roll if you are fleeing, or used against a monster when grappling hand to hand. 

Playing card.jpg

Above: A blank player card 

Playing card example.jpg

Above: Example of a player card in use

How the Game works

How the Game works

All players should be armed with a pencil, paper, a dice, a player card and a copy of "A Chance to Daydream" - for this audio album contains the answers to some of the clues you will need!

The action will happen in a variety of places: keep the Facebook group handy, because updates to events will happen in there. These updates may take the form of a short video, a picture showing the location or something else.

There will also be a Zoom page, which you might find it handy to join. This is the social space for sharing information (or spreading disinformation if you happen to be dastardly!) and for general chit chat about the game as it unfolds. It also comes into play when a Monster attacks, and the game steps up a pace!

All players start at point 0 on the board: Clevedon Hall. Karsten will bring in an invitation card bearing the name of a venue and an event according to the itinerary. The itinerary is as follows:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 00.01.36.png

At each venue, you will be greeted by a character who will give you the gist of the event that is about to happen. Lord Ingitova appears to have left behind 11 gramophone discs with specific instructions for them to be played at each of these 11 events, and they each contain a clue within the lyrics. You'll need to listen carefully in order to find the clue! There is also a fragment of a poem penned by Lord Ingitova himself, which points towards the song lyrics and will hopefully allow you to find the clues.

At several points in the game, various ghastly things happen - expect monsters to attack you for next to no reason!

If that happens, each player has the chance to do one of the following:

  • RUN – Roll the dice and double it to see how many spaces your character can move.

  • HIDE – Roll the dice to see how far you can move and if you can get to a Yellow Zone, you can declare that you are hiding.

  • FIGHT – If you are within 3 squares of each other, you may engage in fighting. This is 'hand to hand', unless you have a Gadget. Gadgets can shoot at a target provided it is within view. Gadgets do not shoot around corners.

  • REASON – From within eyesight – you may attempt to talk to the Monster sensibly.


A Monster reacts to each player accordingly – if a Player:


Player RUNS, then a Monster might Chase. If a Monster Chases a Character, and catches up, it Fights! (GM rolls the dice to see how many spaces the Monster can run.)


Player HIDES, then a Monster might Search. The GM rolls the dice to see if the Monster can make it into the Green Zone. If a Monster Finds a Character, it Fights!

(GM compares Monster Wit vs Character Wit – if Monster Wit is higher than a Players, it has found the Character...if Character Wit is higher than the Monster's, the Character has outwitted the Monster, and the Monster returns to a place outside the Yellow Zone.)


Player FIGHTS, then a Monster will Fight back.

(GM compares Monster Strength vs Character Strength – Roll a dice for damage and deduct those points from Health)


Player REASONS, then a Monster might listen...if a Player Reasons with a Monster, it does not attack the Player during that turn...but if a Monster's Charm is higher than a Characters, it Fights!

(GM compares Monster's Charm vs Character's Charm)

At the end of a Monster Encounter, all players return to Clevedon Hall.

There are a bunch of other rules, but it is not necessary to read them to play the game. (But they are here if you'd like to read them!)

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