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Welcome, welcome to Clevedon Hall. Karsten at your service.

You have arrived early, I see. Do make yourself at home. 


For this will be your home for a while and there are several lovely things to do whilst you are locked in with - ahem: I mean - are our guests.

Now, as you know, sadly Lord Ingitova has passed away due to a bizarre accident the nature of which we do not speak of - and he has left a variety of...unusual...instructions for you to follow within his Will.

You may know he was an eccentric old chap, in everything he did. Increasingly so in his old age. But it seems he has left behind no direct heir to his considerable fortune.

So, I have heard tell (but you didn't hear it from me) that his Last Will and Testament, which will be read out on August the 1st will lead ONE of you to the whereabouts of his "Lucky Coin".


Whoever finds that coin first will inherit that part of Lord Ingitova's fortune that was built up through his succesful tea import business, so I have heard.

Still, all in good time, all in good time. For the moment, take time to relax and unwind and I shall show you to your rooms.

You may wish to take a virtual tour of Clevedon Hall, just to familiarise yourself with the old place.

And you must be famished after your long journey. I'll have the kitchen whip you something up.

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