The Best Cake in the World Competition

This time, instead of having a cake competition, we awarded the Certificate for the Best Cake in the World to a winner from several years ago, who wowed us with her bakery skills and prowess.

Brenda Turner baked a cake of such deliciousness, it was awarded the most marbles in the Best Cake in the World Competition, neatly putting her in first place. Unfortunately, Brenda didn't pick up her award (which she actually won in 2014) on the day.

We tried to award her at the following Convivial, but remaining elusive, she avoided picking up her award yet again in February!

So it was with great relief that we managed to track Brenda down, and present her with a Medal for her cake - which we had to use the time machine to go and fetch for her. (Unfortunately, we overshot a little, so the medal is dated 2013...Ahem!) And we gave her the coveted certificate for the Best Cake in the World as well.

Now usually, resident Nonsuch Calligrapher Doreen Taylor is on hand to scribe the name of each winner onto the certificates - however, after a frenetic day of Battle Croquet, Doreen had to retire to recover, so the certificate doesn't actually have Brenda's name on it. Yet.

However, we shall endeavour to put that right, and if Brenda brings her certificate along to the next Convivial, she will have her rightful name on the certificate.

So to recap: the award was won in 2014, the medal received in 2015 - dated 2013, and the certificate may well be presented properly in 2016 - making Brenda the longest running winner of this award, spanning a whopping four years. Now that is truly a cake mix that takes some beating! Well done Brenda!

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