Rubbish Football 2016

Well, goodness me! Another fantastic effort - we held two matches this time: one on the Saturday 20th Feb and the other a 'friendly' match (whatever that means), on Sunday 21st. It was quite tricky finding players to start with, as everyone wanted to sit on the benches, but eventually we rallied two 5 a side teams of folks that had no clue how to play football, and some who even had a mild dislike of the game: perfect teams for Rubbish Football! As you can see from the photo, the game was very involved, there was a group discovery of the 'offside rule' - which apparently is when the little ball goes 'off the side' of the table. Here we see a penalty blow being performed, which led to having

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Ay-Leen over at Steampunk has put together this set of links: It is one of the Best Steampunk lists, so we do hope you find it useful!


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