Rubbish Football - the World Tea Cup

Rubbish Football was...aptly named. Once the ball had been released from the packaging (I supplied cottton gloves to the ball ref to put on BEFORE opening the order to make, it was heads down for a hootin'! And they are off...nope! Can't see a thing apart from a flurry of top hats and fascinators jostling with ferocious abandon; inside the scrum somewhere must be the ball - and cheers! As one side managed to toot the tiny ball through the tiny net! Hooray for Rubbish Football! (Next time we are planning to get some cameras down there...some little LED lights, and we might try to broadcast the thing. Don't bank on action replays though...we are not sure the s

Ostrich Racing 2015

The Ostrich racing proved popular - so popular in fact that we saw not one - but two races - and apparently there were lots of people that wanted a go but were sadly disappointed - so we are planning to purchase another stable full of steeds for next time. The wonderful Alan Sennett apparently won the first Ostrich race by a fez - although it was a close thing! Well done Sir! And to your steed! For the next round though - a few dastardly racers were disqualified for crossing the road without using the Pelican crossing - and quite rightly sent back to the Pelican Crossing - we must have 'Elf and Safety at all times - as well as set a good example for the little 'uns! Now, we realise that ther

Tea Duelling Champions 2015

And there was Tea Duelling! Of course there was - expert Tiffin Mistress, The Wonderful Spy Mistress General led the duelling, ably assisted by a last minute kettle supplied by the Royal Oak (I must have words with them about the Urn for February...) The Mayor did turn up, but I think might have just left before Tea...I do know the poor Her Worshipful was in a bit of a hurry to get to another event. And the champions for this Convivial? Mr. Hari H. Snottop (The current holder of the Nonsuch Ashes - which he shall be defending in February) kept his crown as the Surrey Champion on Sat and on the sunday the lovely Philippa Susan Pearson took the biscuit all the way home! Nom!

Intellectual Superciliousness Slam 2015

Well that was exciting! Thanks to the wonderful Karen Hanley, the Intellectual Supercilliousness Slam went ahead, with much magniloquent verbose verbal abuse from all concerned! Graham Stevens went all out tête-à-tête against Lady Catherine Paver, in order to try to defend his title - but the audience was wowed by The Lovely Catherine - and she took the crown for this year. Well done Lady Paver!

Splendid Teapot Racing 2015

The Splendid Teapot Racing proved to be a challenging sport - with entries ranging from an actual bluetooth teapot, to a pirate ship. Foxcar Willy and Barnabus the Elephant once again battled it out and there was a suspiciously Dalek-like pink teapot...but the winner, hands down was Chris Osborne - with this spectacular tank, that navigated the Ramp of Doom, the Obstacles of Breakable-ness, The See-saw of Indecision, and The Jump of Faith with unering nonchalance. Well done Chris! A first-timer at the Convivial, and a firm winner!

The Best Cake in the World Competition

This time, instead of having a cake competition, we awarded the Certificate for the Best Cake in the World to a winner from several years ago, who wowed us with her bakery skills and prowess. Brenda Turner baked a cake of such deliciousness, it was awarded the most marbles in the Best Cake in the World Competition, neatly putting her in first place. Unfortunately, Brenda didn't pick up her award (which she actually won in 2014) on the day. We tried to award her at the following Convivial, but remaining elusive, she avoided picking up her award yet again in February! So it was with great relief that we managed to track Brenda down, and present her with a Medal for her cake - which we had to u

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