Battle Croquet

Now, this is a very competitive sport - clearly there are two sides - each with their own field marshall, and an agenda to try to knock that little ball off the egg-cup - shaped throne. And we tried to keep track of who the winning team was, we really did - but on the day, there was such a flurry of fezzes being flung, bouquets of flowers being hurled energetically, and boisterous barging going on that we aren't really sure if there were any survivors at all. However, we are certain there were several wining teams on the day - and if they know that they did win, and they did indeed survive beyond the bomb warden and the strict eye of at least four referees, we would like to congratulate them!

One thing we can say with absolute certainty is that everyone was very, very well dressed for an afternoon of Battle Croquet!

Photo by the lovely Jean Riddler

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